We are an Indonesian mining consultant who has many years of experience in developing mines successfully to partners especially from China.

Our area of service are in all sectors to protect investors and make sure all procedures are in correct ways before starting, We shall follow the day to day operations required to make sure every works in accordance as planned and mantain the good co-operations between related parties, environment and goverment.

Partners :

We constantly update the potential target of locations available with data validation and verification on :

Project materials of Coal , Gold and Silver, Nickel and Bauxite.

New Locations , legitimate owner histories , goverment and envireronment regulations.

Potential Targets and deposits.



Jalan Danau Sunter Utara Rukan sunter permai blok C no 16, Jakarta utara

contact person : Mr. Prapto chang +62 812-8054-8899

Mr. Tony Chang (mandarin speaking ) +62 812-8494-2983

EMAIL : futura.support@futurasecure.com